Ethically Crafted Fare

Our "fare-is-fair" sourcing philosophy showcases not only our respect for both people and planet but also our need to create delicious food that satisfies and nurtures you.

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Every dish is thoughtfully created to showcase the textures and flavors of high-quality ingredients, sourced locally and sustainably.

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Our reputation has been quietly building in the community since opening a few years ago. Prime Restaurant Silicon Valley is located within The Plaza Suites Hotel Silicon Valley.  We serve, quite proudly, our Ethically Crafted Fare to travelers, locals, and private dining attendees. Our brand, Ethically Crafted Fare is best understood by sharing the stories of our suppliers. We only choose those local purveyors that meet our strict guidelines for ethical working condition and ethical farming practices.

Our service experience here at our family-owned small business is everything to us, so we require the very best for you.  Executive Chef Kha Lu creates unimaginable flavors from conscientiously sourced ingredients to offer Primes Ethically Crafted Fare.

Meet the Chef

Executive Chef Kha Lu

As a native to the South Bay, Executive Chef Kha Lu embodies the modern Californian spirit in his approach to food and hospitality. He brings high-technique and turns it into an approachable and rustic style of cooking that is refined, yet comforting. He is a strong believer in sustainable practices as a way of life and business, not just a tool for marketing. Lu graduated from the Professional Culinary Institute of Campbell and landed at the Plumed Horse in Saratoga. He considers Chef Peter Armellino a huge mentor and starting point for his career as he gained the techniques and knowledge necessary to gain the coveted Michelin Star.

Following his passion further, Lu moved to Chicago and worked for the famed Chef Charlie Trotter at his eponymous restaurant which has garnered national recognition—and two Michelin stars—for over a decade. After Charlie Trotter’s, Lu credits his time with Chef Chris Pandel with truly helping him discover the style of cuisine he loves most—by trading in white tablecloths and tasting menus for a more soulful style of cooking. Kha has now made his home at Prime in Santa Clara, where his creative and soulful take on “farm to table” elevates the genre to new levels.

Cvent is the number one global platform for professional meeting and event planners to source venues like ours. For the past two years, our hotel and restaurant have received a top 25 best in events for boutique hotels in the United States. Considering the many thousands of boutiques hotels and tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants on the platform nationally, we are delighted to be acknowledged among the best in the industry.

Come experience what the professional event planners have discovered, Ethically Crafted Fare is so much more than farm to table Choose from seating indoors or out. Our deck overlooks our sparkling pool and is surrounded by an 18-foot firewall and tempest torches. Find us online at Opentable, Foursquare, Facebook or Yelp.

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